Motorola Solutions launches industrial-class fixed RFID reader


Motorola Solutions, a provider of communication products
and services for enterprise and government customers, introduced the FX9500
industrial-class fixed RFID reader for reading RFID-enabled pallets, cases and
items at dock doors, conveyors and other industrial portal-based read points.


As RFID technology has evolved and improved, RFID-based
business solutions have expanded to address a wider variety of use cases.


RFID solutions can now be applied to RF-challenged items
such as those with high liquid or metal content, or in situations requiring
much higher read performance such as reading tags in the middle of densely
packed pallets.


The high-performance FX9500 industrial fixed reader
overcomes these challenges, extending the business value of RFID solutions to
new industries and applications.


The Motorola FX9500
is a rugged, high-performance fixed RFID reader built for demanding industrial
RFID applications in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse, and retail
receiving environments.


The increased sensitivity of the FX9500 RFID reader
yields greater accuracy for reading RF-challenging items, longer read ranges
for applications such as yard management and higher throughput rates to read
more tags as item-level RFID adoption increases and densely packed goods become
more commonplace.


The FX9500 is available in four-port/antenna
configurations, as well as eight-port/antenna configurations that can cover
more portals or dock doors with fewer readers, saving on deployment costs and
achieving a lower cost per read point.


The FX9500 allows for bistatic operation, where separate
cables are used for antenna transmitting and receiving, for even higher RFID


Motorola offers the largest and broadest UHF RFID reader
portfolio in the industry and is the only manufacturer that has specific
industrial- and business-class product lines.


The FX9500 RFID reader is expected to be available in the
third quarter of 2011 from Motorola Solutions or through PartnerEmpower


Businesses look to RFID and industrial fixed RFID
reader solutions to achieve near 100 percent shipping, receiving and order
accuracy. Motorola Solutions is the market share leader in UHF RFID readers,
and our new high-performance FX9500 reader will enable organizations to
leverage the increased asset visibility and operational efficiencies of RFID
across their supply chains,” said Mike Poldino, general manager of RFID,
Motorola Solutions


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