Motorola Solutions launches industrial mobile computing solutions for retail and manufacturing

By Telecom Lead Team:
Motorola Solutions, a provider of mission-critical communication solutions and
services for enterprise and government customers, announced the
new MC2100 series to deliver industrial mobile computing solutions
for retail, manufacturing and supply chain businesses.

Motorola’s MC2100 mobile computing series is expected to
ship in the first quarter of 2012.

We have drawn on our knowledge and innovation leadership
and combined it with the feedback from our Asian customers to design this new
MC2100 series that will help them improve their business efficiency. With the
MC2100 series, even the more price-sensitive small and medium enterprises will
be able to effectively make the necessary investments to mobilize their workers
and explore new ways to improve on their competitive advantage and
profitability in their increasingly competitive industry verticals,” said Andy
Chan, Director, Asia Pacific Enterprise Channels, Motorola Solutions.

The MC2100 series aims to deliver high
performance mobile computing. It is developed as a compelling solution to meet
the mobile enterprise needs of a fast-growing cost-sensitive segment of Asian
enterprises who increasingly want new technology options to improve their
operational efficiency and global competitiveness.

The MC2100 series expands Motorola’s range further, and
is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses in the region.

With the MC2100 series, Motorola redefines the value tier
for rugged mobile computers with five configurations of
the MC2100 that include three different scan engines, options for
batch and WLAN connectivity, and vertical-specific accessories.

The lightweight and ergonomic MC2100 also comes with a
powerful processor, numerical key pad and a touchscreen for operational ease.
These specifications make it ideal for scan-intensive tasks such as inventory
management, stock replenishment, price marking and shelf labelng which are
common operational activities in retail, manufacturing and supply chain

The MC2100 is the first value-tier rugged handheld in the
mobile computing industry to support HTML5 via Motorola’s RhoElements application
enablement framework.

The MC2100 series leverage on the same hardware platform
as other Motorola mobile computing products to simplify application support and
integration into an enterprise environment.

RhoElements is a state-of-the-art web-based application
framework. It is designed to allow businesses to quickly and cost-effectively
develop and deploy web-based applications on existing Motorola Windows Embedded
Handheld (formerly known as Windows Mobile) and Windows Embedded Compact
(Win-CE) mobile computers as well as Motorola’s recently announced ET1
Android-based enterprise tablet.

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