Motorola Solutions launches TETRA RF automated coverage evaluation system

Telecom Lead Middle East: Motorola Solutions has launched
its new TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) RF Automated Coverage Evaluation
System (TRACES).

TRACES is designed to allow public safety network
operators to collect, visualize and evaluate real-time data from
mission-critical TETRA networks allowing them to view usage patterns and
identify and react to coverage black spots.

Motorola Solutions unveiled TRACES at the TETRA WORLD
CONGRESS 2012 in Dubai.

The new TRACES version builds a detailed picture of the
entire mission critical network by automatically and continuously capturing
network performance data from actual user devices and base stations.

Real time information availability allows network
operators to monitor their compliance against KPI and SLA criteria.

“The latest generation of TRACES opens those
capabilities to network operators and allows them to access and use exactly the
same information. This will help to create a single understanding across the
TETRA network and have a hugely positive impact on the cost, complexity and
time requirement of maintaining TETRA networks for both the operator and the
end-user,” said Gary Aitkenhead, vice president, Global Services
Organization, Motorola Solutions, EMEA.

TRACES is designed to be flexible, easy to install and
modular. The new version of TRACES can be customized to mission critical
network operator needs whether they solely manage a network or whether they
also have their own fleet of users.

The new Uplink Measurement Report module, the latest
TRACES innovation, enables operators to collect real-time data from their
Motorola Dimetra IP network system over ETSI GPS signals from any TETRA user
radio while they are in use in the field. This enables operators managing to
gain a comprehensive view of network coverage from an end-user perspective,
without actually owning a fleet of TETRA radios.

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