Motorola Solutions to gain from $6.5 billion wireless network project for first responders in U.S.

By Telecom Lead Team: Motorola Solutions will gain from a
congressional deal providing $6.5 billion to set up a high-speed wireless
network for first responders.

Motorola Solutions leads the public safety communications
market with more than two-thirds of the market share. On Friday, Block D
broadcast spectrum for public safety personnel, along with creation of a fund
to help states deploy the new system, was passed by the House and Senate,
paving way for $6.5 billion investment.

The $6.5 billion fund will be created by auctioning other
parts of the spectrum, which is supposed to fetch at least $15 billion overall
to partially offset the cost of other parts of the bill, including an extension
of jobless benefits.

We are pleased an agreement has been reached to
establish the D Block spectrum for public safety. The allocation ensures that
first responders will have the latest wireless broadband technology to support
their critical missions. In addition, the spectrum makes possible the
interoperable communications that are urgently needed for different agencies to
talk and work with each other. Motorola Solutions supports the agreement
because it is vital for our nation’s welfare and security,” said a statement
from Motorola.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, when emergency
personnel responding to the World Trade Center could not communicate with each
other on their two-way radios, police and fire officials as well as Motorola
and other equipment providers have been pushing Congress to allocate more radio
frequencies for public safety purposes.

But there has been pressure to sell all available
spectrum to reduce the federal deficit and create more room for cellular
telephone providers to grow, according to media reports.

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