Motorola Solutions works with Best Buy and Future Shop to roll out enterprise mPOS solutions

Telecom Lead America: Motorola Solutions is working with Best Buy Canada and Future Shop, Canada’s electronics retailers, to roll out enterprise mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions.

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Both companies have improved customer service and staff productivity at a number of stores with the implementation of tablet-based mPOS technology.
Best Buy Canada and Future Shop are leveraging new mPOS applications and devices like Motorola’s ET1 enterprise tablet, to empower their retail associates to help customers from the beginning to the end of their shopping experience.

“Allowing an associate to stay by a customer’s side and answer questions, order out-of-stock merchandise for direct delivery and reinforce his or her purchasing decision increases the likelihood of closing that sale. By eliminating the walk to the register, mPOS solutions can help save sales and build brand loyalty,” said Girish Rishi, senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions, Motorola Solutions.

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Best Buy and Future Shop stores use several Motorola Solutions’ technology to drive its mPOS strategy.

ET1 tablet is designed for assisted selling, mPOS, item locator and planogram management and compliance applications. The Android-based ET1 tablet in WAN or WLAN configurations brings the consumer tablet experience to an enterprise-class device.

MC40 mobile computer is the first multi-purpose mobile computer for retail that incorporates inventory management with collaboration and line-busting mPOS capabilities in a compelling form factor.

MPM-100 Bluetooth mobile payment module turns the mobile computer into a mPOS device capable of Chip and PIN, and MSR transactions.

Motorola’s mPOS solution provides Best Buy and Future Shop with a mobile deployment and management solution, providing an easy way to keep their applications current and secure from a single, centralized IT location.

“The latest mPOS solutions combine scanning, signature capture and payment technology, empowering sales associates to engage directly with customers and meet their increasing demands. A growing number of retailers like Best Buy Canada and Future Shop are taking advantage of this new tool, arming sales associates with handheld devices to provide increased coverage, line busting, and full mPOS with payment on the store floor,” said John Kenney, executive vice president, Business Development, Stella Nova.

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