Mozy brings mobile access to enterprises

Mozy, an online backup service from EMC Corporation,
announced the availability of its mobile app for MozyPro customers.

The Mozy mobile
app lets end users securely access the files they protect with MozyPro from an
Android or Apple iOS device (including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).

The mobile app is now available for MozyPro customers and adds support for six additional languages (UK English, Dutch,
French, German, Italian and Spanish).

For Android users, the app can be downloaded now from the
Android Market for devices running Android 2.0 and later. For iOS device users
of version 4.0 and later, the app is now available in the iTunes App Store.

“With so much positive response to the mobile app
from the initial release, we’re very pleased to enable MozyPro administrators
to provide access to their end users,” said Russ Stockdale, general
manager of Mozy.

Having mobile access to view documents, open them in
other applications, and send them by email to colleagues and clients is
especially valuable to business users.

Along with recent major updates to browser access, the
mobile app shows that not only are we as serious as ever about data protection,
but also about the ever-increasing need for business users and home users alike
to have secure access to their files from anywhere,” Stockdale added.

“With the explosive growth of mobile device use on
our campus, many of our faculty and staff are asking for the functionality to
access their important laptop or desktop-based work and instructional materials
from their mobile platforms,” said Walter Petruska, Information Security
Officer at the University of San Francisco.  

“The MozyPro mobile apps now allow our instructors
to access their materials anywhere at any time, without needing to download,
store or transmit their files in advance. This is especially beneficial to all
our early adopters of iPads and Android-powered tablets for educational
purposes,” Petruska added.

By Team
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