MTI Wireless starts production of new dish antennas

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: MTI Wireless Edge has started mass production of its new 71-86GHz 44.5 dBi and 50.5 dBi dish antennas.

The antenna solutions provider says the new antennas cover the Point-to-Point 60/80GHz bands applications and comply with ETSI Class 3 and FCC electrical mask standards as well as the ETSI Heavy Duty environmental requirements including wind speed 70m/s (252Km/h).

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At the Mobile World Congress, MTI Wireless Edge will showcase the new antennas, together with the current antenna portfolio — including single and dual polarity directional antennas.

MTI Wireless Edge says its antennas are built to withstand the toughest electrical and environmental requirements according to international standards while maintaining low cost.

Dov Feiner, CEO & president, MTI Wireless Edge, says that the company is already shipping high volume of 80GHz antennas to a few top radio companies.

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