MTN Satellite Communications appoints Errol Olivier as president and CEO

By Telecom Lead Team: MTN Satellite
Communications (MTN), a provider of communications, connectivity and
content services to remote locations around the world, has appointed Errol
Olivier to the position of president and CEO.


Olivier was recently serving as the company’s president
and chief operating officer (COO).  He possess over 25 years of
experience in the telecommunications industry.


Prior to joining MTN, he served as president and CEO
of Broadpoint and president and COO of CapRock Communications. He is
also recognized for pioneering the first commercial multi-tenant satellite
telecommunication strategy for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf which
revolutionized the way Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services were
delivered to the offshore energy market.


With the appointment of Errol Oliver, the company has
also appointed Joe Wright as a new executive chairman of the Board of
Directors. Earlier, he was serving as MTN’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Wright is currently a senior advisor at Providence Equity
Partners and Chart Capital Partners. He was previously Chairman of Intelsat, a
provider of satellite and fiber services, and CEO of PanAmSat. Wright has an
extensive government services background and served as Director of the Office
of Management and Budget (OMB) in the White House under President Ronald


“While witnessing the tremendous growth by way of
consolidation in the VSAT industry over the past year, MTN chose to remain
focused on delivering service and innovative solutions to key markets. Errol’s
leadership will continue the momentum of maintaining and growing MTN’s
leadership position as one of the strongest VSAT operators in the world and, at
the same time, further diversifying the markets served through strategic
initiatives,” said Joe Wright.


The company also said that the focus will remain on
innovative solutions for delivering telecommunications technology and solutions
to a growing customer base and their passengers and crew as well as expanding
our footprint globally in existing and new markets.

Last year, MTN had celebrated its 30th year in the satellite communications (satcom)
industry. Over the past three decades, the company has contributed greatly to
the evolution of the satellite industry and continues to deliver communications
solutions that address the needs of today’s end users both commercial and


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