MTNL launches push mail services

MTNL launched its push mail services in Delhi in association with mobile
communication service Bharat Berry Technologies.


It will provide existing users to stay connected to their emails, calendar and
contacts through the servers hosted in India. In addition company is providing
over-the-air (OTA) synchronisation of calendar and contacts for multiple mail

Bharat Berry is a mobile communication service that works with most of the
mobile phones and provides more advanced push mail with over the air backup of
your contact, task, calendar and notes along with sync to your outlook.

“BharatBerry is an Indian compliant Product made by Bharat Berry
technologies in India keeping in consideration all necessary India laws; the
necessary approval from all respective agencies have been received before
launching this service for Delhi GSM subscribers,” said AK Bhargava,
executive director (Wireless Services), MTNL.


While the services offered by other providers are handset-based, Bharat Berry
service can run on any Java-enabled normal GPRS-enabled handset like Nokia,
Motorola, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, HTC, etc and ensures that you remain
connected to your email, calendar and contacts through the servers hosted in
India, Bhargava said.


“All necessary arrangements have been made for ensuring customer privacy
and security,” said Ajay Data, director, Bharat Berry Technologies.

By Team
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