MultiPhy unveils 100G PHY IC for metro market

MultiPhy announced the launch of MP1100Q, a 100Gb/s DEMUX
receiver chip specifically designed to meet the low-cost and low-power needs of
the growing 100G metro transport marketplace.

The MP1100Q is a DSP-based 100G receiver chip incorporating
an ultra-high-speed analog-to-digital converter (A/D), the world’s fastest
Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation (MLSE) decoder, and the DEMUX gearbox

The device provides a solution optimized for optical
metro transport applications, such as metro dense wavelength division
multiplexing (DWDM) networks with link lengths of up to 800km, and
point-to-point (PtP) links of up to 80km used for data center connectivity.

Optical modules utilizing the MP1100Q solution can be
realized in the compact form-factor, pluggable (CFP) module format, and meet
the challenging cost, power dissipation and performance metrics required to
enable the 100G metro business model.

“Our MP1100Q Receiver IC solution enables optical
network operators with the cost and power conscious 100G metro solutions that
they require for the metro optical transport market,” said Avi Shabtai,
CEO, MultiPhy.

The benchmark performance of the MP1100Q will allow
optical module vendors to market solutions specifically for the metro. The
strong response we’ve received from the industry proves that the MP1100Q is
truly a transformative device,” Shabtai added.

With its high-performance MLSE DSP engine, the MP1100Q is
able to mitigate the chromatic dispersion found in the deployed metro transport

Based on its patent-pending -reduced bandwidth optics
with MLSE’ technology, the MP1100Q enables module and transceiver manufacturers
to realize a 100G metro transport solution that utilizes low cost 10G
electro-optics instead of 25G electro-optics, drastically cutting the
bill-of-materials (BOM) cost of the module.

Just as coherent-based solutions are driving the
long-haul 100 Gbps market, Oclaro believes that non-coherent pluggable
solutions, using parallel DWDM transmitters and unique ICs, will be a key
enabler of the growing 100 Gbps metro market,” said Jim Haynes, president and
general manager Photonics Components at Oclaro, a tier 1 supplier of optical

The direct detect transmission methodology enabled by
the high performance MP1100Q chip is the ideal solution for the cost-conscious
and power-conscious 100G metro transport market where reaches between 40km and
800km are required,” Haynes added.

With the explosive growth of broadband Internet content,
the capacity in the metro networks is expected to grow significantly in the
next few years. The metro 100G market requires unique dedicated optical
transport solutions that realize the correct cost, power dissipation and
performance levels needed for widespread metro network use.

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