MWC 2014: Huawei demos OceanStor 18000 Storage System

At the MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress), Huawei today announced the OceanStor 18000 Storage System that delivers over 1 million SPC-1 IOPSTM, addressing data needs of both telecom operators and enterprises. This is an old product. It was unveiled in China in 2012.

Huawei said OceanStor 18000 Storage System architecture can be expanded to 16 controllers, 3 TB of cache, and as much as 7 PB storage capacity.

The OceanStor 18000 will support the rapidly evolving virtualized networks by telecoms.

“With the Smart Matrix architecture, RAID 2.0+ disk virtualization technology, Smart series resource management software, and comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, OceanStor 18000 delivers unrivaled performance, availability and capabilities in a cost-effective manner,” said Jiawei Sun, marketing director of the Huawei IT Product Line.

Huawei demos OceanStor 18000 Storage System

Market research agency Frost & Sullivan believes that the Smart Matrix architecture accelerates data exchange, ensures high availability, and improves storage performance. When combined with RAID 2.0+, the architecture makes OceanStor 18000 even more secure.

OceanStor 18000 demonstrated 1,005,893 SPC-1 IOPSTM in the SPC benchmark performance test.

This is the first time that a hybrid storage system, containing both SSD and normal disks was able to exceed 1 million IOPS in this test.

This is not a new product. OceanStor 18000 was launched in China at the end of 2012 and over 150 sets were sold during 2013.

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