MWC 2014: Nominum adds N2 Applications for marketing and customer care

At the Mobile World Congress 2014, Nominum introduced N2 Applications for marketing and customer care for telecoms.

N2 Applications’ in-browser messaging capabilities will assist telecoms to improve customer care at reduced costs.

The solution will be cost effective and assist telecom operators which spend more than $150 billion annually in marketing and customer care.

Marketing channels such as direct marketing, telemarketing, email, SMS, advertising are expensive, with limited interactivity and measurability.

Gary Messiana, CEO, Nominum

The N2 platform includes N2 Care, for engaging with and retaining subscribers, N2 Engage, aimed at delivering safe and personalized Internet experiences, and N2 Promote, for developing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Telecoms will benefit as marketing teams can deliver measurable campaigns, while customer care teams can interact with customers via in-browser messaging.

Gary Messiana, CEO, Nominum, said: “We already enable global CSPs to deliver a reliable and secure Internet experience to their subscribers. Today, we are taking DNS to a completely new level by leveraging those same assets to help marketing and customer care teams address their retention, loyalty and ARPU needs.”

The new release is an extension of Nominum’s core N2 platform. It leverages Internet Activity sourced from the DNS (Domain Name System.

In-browser messaging capabilities of Nominum N2 applications enable telecoms to reach customers, in real-time. Customers can interact by responding to opt in in-browser notifications or offers. CSP marketing teams in turn receive comprehensive real-time metrics to enhance campaigns and deliver a more efficient marketing and communications channel.

Mobile operators that deploy free public Wi-Fi to offload traffic from their networks can use N2 applications to increase ARPU through targeted offers and advertising via in-browser messages and videos to Wi-Fi customers.

Cablevision Argentina, a customer of Nominum, has already benefitted. The targeted in-browser messaging that is linked to DNS data has resulted in an 11 percent increase in its retention rate. This process has enabled Cablevision to reduce subscriber acquisition costs, increase retention rates and drive increased revenue by effectively increasing the average life of the customer.

Marcelo Baletti, chief of digital services, Cablevision Argentina, said: “The adoption of in-browser messaging is already having a positive impact on our business. The system has been implemented to improve traditional methods of marketing and CRM such as direct mail and telemarketing.”

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