MWC 2014: SAP announces IT deal with STC

At the MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress), Barcelona, SAP said STC will implement SAP solutions for network life-cycle management (NLM) to improve network operations.

SAP solutions will enable the telecom operator, which has presence in the Middle East and North Africa, to improve customer service. STC will benefit from increased visibility for capital projects and assets, as well as enhanced project oversight and collaboration. SAP solutions will also maintain quality of STC’s IT infrastructure.

Sap booth

“With SAP solutions, we can create close links between the logistical and financial sides of our network operations, integrating the entire spectrum of planning and realizing tasks — from demand and supply planning to investment and project management, inventory management and asset accounting,” said Khalid bin Hussain Al-Bayari, senior vice president for Technology and Operations, STC.

The company said SAP solutions will offer visibility into equipment and assets, including multifaceted historical details at every step of the life cycle. The solutions are influential in both reducing and optimizing costs related to build and repair, as well as helping increase the productivity of field workers.

picture source: flickr

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