MWC 2015: Anritsu to demo connected car system

Wireless testing vendor Anritsu will demo a cloud-based connected car system for fleet tracking at Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015).

The University of Hertfordshire, the UK, has developed the connected car system with the assistance of network simulation technology MD8475A from Anritsu.

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The connected car demonstrates car’s diagnostics system connecting to the cloud via a simulated LTE network environment provided by Anritsu’s mobile network simulator. The MD8475A enables the university’s development team to test the performance of the system’s in-car LTE modem in mobile networks across the world.

This apart, Anritsu will showcase live tests of a mobile handset operating at the latest 450Mb/s peak data rate, and of experimental 5G waveforms.

Anritsu in a statement said the MS2830A, which provides a platform for the generation and analysis of candidate 5G waveforms, will be running live tests of signals from devices implementing the latest experimental 5G modulation schemes.

The wireless testing company will also display the latest ME7834LA and ME7873LA versions of its GCF certification platforms, for conformance testing of mobile handsets. These new test systems support the 450Mb/s data rate offered by Category 9 user equipment running 3CA (3x Carrier Aggregation) technology.

Anritsu will also demo its new service assurance equipment that provides essential service-delivery information from every layer of the organization to the telecom operators. Utilizing the eoLive and eoSight applications, the aggregated data are processed with real-time network analytics and insights tools, and the results displayed with multi-dimensional views to provide the user with predictive analytics.

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