MWC 2015: Tektronix launches file-based content analysis products

Test measurement and monitoring instrumentation company Tektronix announced the launch of three file-based content analysis products from its stable.

Aurora, an automated file-based quality control product; Hydra, a frame-accurate file-based player; and AutoFix, a suite of file-based correction tools are the file-based video and audio QC solutions unveiled.

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A recent licensing agreement with Digimetrics gives Tektronix rights to these products and associated intellectual property.

“We see this agreement as a great opportunity to accelerate our development plans to provide the solutions and features our customers have been asking us for,” said Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix.

Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix will be marketed and supported alongside current solutions of Tektronix, including Cerify and QCloud. Customers will benefit from the expanded features and functionality resulting from the agreement with Digimetrics, the company said in a statement.

Tektronix booth image

Aurora is easy to use and designed to allocate guaranteed CPU and GPU bandwidth to a job and ensure no drop in processing performance, even at high load cutting production bottlenecks.

Hydra can reliably play all file formats currently used by the media. Scrub using keyboard short-cuts, a mouse or an external USB shuttle controller provides full playback control. When integrated with Aurora, overlays can be used to easily visualize and highlight content problem areas. This reduces the time needed for issue diagnosis and resolution.

AutoFix, in turn, is a suite of file-based correction tools designed to ensure that files meet both international broadcast standards and pass human quality assessment. It provides confidence that the production workflow will deliver compliant files ready for playout and placement distribution.

The company said AutoFix includes an audio normalization product that measures and corrects audio loudness, and a gamut legalization product that measures and corrects gamut. All three products are now available.