MWC 2024: Eurofiber Selects Nokia for Mobile Private Network Services

Eurofiber and Nokia have announced a partnership to provide Mobile Private Network (MPN) services to its customers. This partnership signifies a significant expansion of Eurofiber’s open digital infrastructure, leveraging its proprietary fiberoptic network to offer private mobile services.
Eurofiber businessThe Mobile Private Network operates through a dedicated private connection utilizing Eurofiber’s fiber network, obviating the necessity for IT integration at client sites. Instead, these operations are managed within the Eurofiber network and reinforced by Nokia Modular Private Wireless (MPW) and radio access solutions. This innovative service empowers businesses and institutions to optimize their operational efficiency.

Often referred to as ‘Private 5G’, MPN offers a secure network with its own shielded and dedicated frequency spectrum. This wireless solution is particularly suited to support day-to-day business operations within large industrial complexes and campuses.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Nokia Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Eurofiber will elevate private network offerings in the region, leveraging existing infrastructure and facilitating future digitalization initiatives.”

Echoing Litjens’ sentiment, Paul Naastepad, Managing Director at Eurofiber Netherlands, highlighted the advantages of MPN, emphasizing its role in providing enhanced flexibility and security in data transportation within organizations, alongside seamless connectivity to external networks or cloud services.

The introduction of this private mobile service aligns seamlessly with Eurofiber’s existing portfolio of solutions over its fixed fiberoptic network, facilitating swift implementation and market penetration. Anticipated to roll out by mid-2024, Eurofiber’s new Mobile Private Network service is poised to meet growing demands for secure and efficient connectivity solutions.

Eurofiber and Finland-based Nokia have already collaborated on projects, including the enhancement and expansion of fiberoptic networks in France and Belgium.

Eurofiber boasts a vast 70,500 km fiberoptic network spanning the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, with an average expansion rate of 50 km per week. Additionally, Eurofiber operates ten data centers across the Netherlands and France, further strengthening its digital infrastructure offerings.