Name change for TETRA Association heralds broader role in critical communications

The TETRA Association is changing. A wider scope, and an immediate focus on
mobile broadband for professional users, is reflected in the new name: the
TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA).

Renaming of the existing TETRA Association will reflect a broader remit: to
promote the development and adoption of common standards and solutions for the
users and providers of critical communications worldwide.

This change is in response to the growing demand from professional mobile radio
(PMR) users for mobile broadband services. This demand may be satisfied by the
capabilities of future and complementary technologies such as LTE and/or WiMax.
The TCCA believes that the critical communications industry should leverage
these capabilities, rather than develop completely new technologies.

TCCA is best positioned to recommend the evolution of these technologies to
benefit the needs of professional mobile radio (PMR) users.

“Changing our name gives us the scope to better address these new opportunities
whilst protecting the huge investment of users and industry in TETRA technology
and systems,” said TCCA chairman Phil Godfrey.

“This change in no way diminishes our focus on TETRA. TETRA will be the
primary, most important technology for mission and business-critical voice and
data services for at least the next decade, and we will continue to develop,
promote and protect the TETRA standard worldwide,” Godfrey added.

The TCCA will continue to promote open standards and industry cooperation – an
approach that is instrumental in the ongoing success of TETRA.

By Team
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