National Instruments launches new NI Digital Video Analyzer


National Instruments  introduced the new NI Digital
Video Analyzer, which automates a wide range of tests for the latest HDMI
sources such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players and DVD players. The
analyzer features configuration-based test steps that automate measurements of
HDMI features including 3-D video, HDMI 1.4 protocol and picture quality
analysis. With hardware based on the NI PXI Express platform and software designed
for multicore computing, engineers can use the NI Digital Video Analyzer to
achieve high-performance, high-precision measurements of HDMI content in a
fraction of the time required by traditional video test solutions.


“The new NI Digital Video Analyzer and NI Picture Quality Analysis
software address the growing demand for test solutions that identify perceived
audio and video quality of HDMI content, these tools deliver reliable
measurements for HDMI-enabled multimedia devices and eliminate the challenges
associated with manual operator inspection.” said Steve Warntjes, director
of modular instruments research and development at National Instruments.


The NI Digital Video Analyzer combines with NI Picture Quality Analysis
software to precisely measure streaming audio and video quality and eliminate
challenges inherent with subjective operator inspection. Using the system’s
variety of measurements, engineers can analyze streaming video for defects such
as macroblocking, stuck frames and audio drops, which single-frame static image
analysis cannot detect. Engineers also can use the system to conduct higher
performance measurements of total picture quality with pixel-to-pixel reference
tests such as peak signal-to-noise ratio and structural similarity.


The NI Digital Video Analyzer also supports HDMI protocol tests including
InfoFrames, consumer electronics control (CEC) messaging, extended display
identification data (EDID) emulation and hot plug detect (HPD) events. Such
capability makes it possible for the NI Digital Video Analyzer to simulate an
LCD or HDTV and better guarantee interoperability with other HDMI-enabled



With its NI PXI Express architecture, the analyzer incorporates solutions for
multiple HDMI measurements into a single compact solution. The instrument
includes the NI PXIe-6545 200 MHz high-speed digital I/O module, the NI
PXI-2172 deserializer and decryption module and the NI PXI-7813R reconfigurable
I/O FPGA module, all of which integrate with the NI Video Measurement Suite and
NI Picture Quality Analysis software to offer engineers a fully integrated
solution for automated testing of HDMI sources.


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