National Instruments launches PXI Express System Expansion Modules

National Instruments has introduced two system expansion
options for creating multichassis PXI Express systems.


The NI PXIe-8364 and NI PXIe-8374 are the first NI PXI
Express remote control modules that make it possible for engineers to interface
multiple PXI Express chassis to a single host computer using any expansion


The modules’ interconnectivity and industry-standard
PXI-based architecture help increase system design efficiency and system
performance in a variety of high-channel-count data acquisition and high-speed
automated test applications including RF and semiconductor test.


The NI modules use x1 and
x4 MXI-Express links, respectively, to connect downstream and upstream PXI
Express chassis, and all PXI modules in the downstream chassis appear as local
devices in the upstream chassis.


The modules use cabled PCI Express as their underlying
communication technology, which offers extremely high bandwidth and low
latency. The NI PXIe-8364/74 modules provide a maximum data bandwidth of 250
MB/s and 1 GB/s, respectively. Engineers can use the new modules to create
systems with multiple PXI Express chassis connected in complex topologies such
as star, line or tree. Ideal combinations connect the new NI PXIe-8364/74
modules in upstream chassis with NI PXIe-8360/70 controllers in downstream


With their PXI architecture and cabled PCI Express
communication technology, the new expansion modules build on the numerous
National Instruments offerings of broad compatibility with the highest industry
standards. Such compatibility, combined with the new modules’ features,
simplify the process of expanding PXI Express systems to include multiple
chassis for higher performance, thousands of data acquisition or measurement
and control channels for various test and measurement applications.


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