National Instruments releases latest version of NI CompactRIO Module Development Kit



National Instruments unveiled a new version
of the NI CompactRIO Module Development Kit (MDK) and launched
RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) specification for NI Single-Board RIO.


These solutions help expand the options for
adding specialized or custom I/O to packaged and board-level embedded control
and monitoring systems. MDK and RMC enable system integrators and OEMs to fully
integrate custom electronics with the proven and reliable NI reconfigurable I/O
(RIO) hardware systems and provide their users with the same experience that
scientists and engineers expect from NI products.

Version 2.0 of the CompactRIO MDK provides engineers and scientists with
additional time-saving resources that simplify the processes of creating any
custom module.


The 2.0 version features a new
field-programmable gate array (FPGA) communication core that automatically
implements NI technology best practices and low-level housekeeping tasks
including module detection, identification, data transfer and other common


NI communication core allows engineers to benefit
from NI research, development and optimization to accelerate their design
process and maximize compatibility of custom modules within the RIO ecosystem.


The new MDK also includes slot-agnostic
code generation and an elemental I/O node paradigm. This will help module
designers provide the same user experience whether engineers and scientists use
third-party modules or NI modules.

Additionally, NI Single-Board RIO devices feature an expansion connector for an
RMC. The RMC connector provides a method for adding application-specific custom
circuitry to NI Single-Board RIO. The high-density, high-bandwidth RMC
connector exposes up to 96 digital I/O lines from the reconfigurable FPGA.


An integral part of the NI graphical system
design approach, NI RIO technology combines NI LabVIEW system design software
with commercial off-the-shelf hardware to simplify development and shorten time
to market when designing advanced control, monitoring and test systems.


NI RIO hardware includes CompactRIO, NI
Single-Board RIO, R Series boards and PXI-based NI FlexRIO.
The NI RIO hard ware features an architecture with powerful floating-point
processors, reconfigurable FPGAs and modular I/O.


“The new CompactRIO Module Development Kit
improves our ability to create complementary embedded modules to serve our
customers and build our business,” said Wolfram Koerver, program manager for
CompactRIO modules at S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH, a company that provides
advanced products and solutions in the field of industrial automation and
measuring technology.


“We designed a RIO Mezzanine Card and NI
Single-Board RIO into our BMX Embedded Measurement and Control Platform in a
much shorter timeframe than a full-custom solution. With the RIO Mezzanine Card
feature, we now can provide cost-effective solutions for higher volume
applications which require specialty I/O and communication
features,” Koerver added.


National Instruments recently announced the release of
the new NI cRIO-9075 and cRIO-9076 integrated chassis and controllers, which
lower the cost of the NI CompactRIO platform for embedded control and
monitoring applications.


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