NavCom unveils new StarFire GNSS service

NavCom Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere
& Company announced new improvements for the StarFire Global
Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS). The new service, StarFire GNSS,
supports GPS + GLONASS corrections and provides real-time accuracy of five
centimeters anywhere in the world, without a local base station.

StarFire GNSS utilizes Deere proprietary algorithms
combined with high precision measurements from Deere’s upgraded global tracking
network of multi-frequency, multi-constellation SF-3050 integrated StarFire/RTK
GNSS receivers to provide enhanced accuracy and performance anywhere, anytime.

StarFire GNSS with both GPS and GLONASS corrections
provides significantly improved performance and worldwide five centimeter
horizontal accuracy,” said Steve Wilson, GNSS business manager, NavCom.

The new proprietary processing center software and
algorithms combined with an upgraded satellite tracking network provides our
customers with the ultimate in performance and reliability,”¬Ě Wilson added.

NavCom Technology recently announced the release
of the LAND-PAK Survey System. With integrated StarFire/RTK GNSS capabilities,
LAND-PAK offers all of the elements of a traditional RTK based solution with
the added benefit of NavCom’s powerful StarFire service & advanced survey
tools, Ultra RTK & RTK Extend.


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