NEC and NetCracker complete vCPE solution PoC at Portugal Telecom

NEC and NetCracker Technology have completed a proof of concept (PoC) for their virtualized customer-premises equipment (vCPE) solution at Portugal Telecom – validating new revenue opportunities for vCPE in residential markets.

The PoC demonstrated and validated the NEC/NetCracker vCPE solution’s ability to migrate IPv4 and IPv6 routing, address assignment and translation and other IP networking functions from end-user home gateways to Portugal Telecom’s data center.
By implementing the vCPE solution, Portugal Telecom can accelerate and simplify the integration and distribution of new consumer services as well as reduce the cost of provisioning and maintaining those offerings.

“In addition to current services, this solution enables new services to be launched and configured for customers much faster and more efficiently, leading to significant cost reductions,” said Jaime Serrano, president at NEC Portugal Telecom.

This PoC has the ability to let consumers customize and activate advanced service features such as parental controls and device-specific usage controls through a self-service portal. The NEC / NetCracker vCPE solution also enables next-generation Internet connectivity without requiring consumers or Portugal Telecom technicians to implement highly complex and sophisticated devices on site.

vCPE solution will support Portugal Telecom to extend service features over any broadband access medium, ensuring consistency and personalization of the customer experience regardless of the user’s location.

Portugal Telecom will also be able to accelerate time-to-market and reduce provisioning and maintenance costs by converting the HGW into a simple Layer 2 bridge and minimizing complex hardware installations and troubleshooting processes.

“As virtualized solutions gain momentum among leading operators, it is important to bring vCPE and other technologies out of the lab and into operationalized deployments,” said Frank DeTraglia, chief customer officer at NetCracker.

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