NEC expands production of PASOLINK in India

NEC announced
that production of its ultra compact microwave communications system, PASOLINK,
will begin in India in addition to existing production at NEC Network Products
in Japan.

This decision
is part of NEC‘s

measures to strengthen global competitiveness.

Until now, NEC
Network Products has been the exclusive manufacturer of PASOLINK, where cost
reduction is managed through innovation of production and the impact of
exchange rate fluctuations is minimized by expanding the procurement of
materials in foreign currencies.

NEC’s efforts
to expand PASOLINK internationally include increasing its competitiveness
against global vendors in the face of a rapidly strengthening yen and taking
proactive measures to gain presence in expanding markets such as India.

Under these
conditions, NEC Network Products, as a central production facility, is
expanding the production of PASOLINK into India, one of the world’s leading
markets, by capitalizing on its accomplishments and know-how in product quality
management and material procurement.

NEC is
establishing a new PASOLINK production unit in the Special Economic Zone of
Chennai, India as a part of NEC India and is planning to commence operations at
the new unit within the fiscal year ending March 2012. NEC also plans to expand
local procurement of materials within India in the future.

In April 2011,
NEC established NEC Network Products, a production company for communications
equipment, by consolidating three former subsidiaries in Japan.

NEC Network
Products is a central production factory within NEC’s global supply chain which
provides highly evaluated and standardized manufacturing technologies and
know-how. Looking forward, this factory will lead NEC’s global production
organization and enable the expansion of carrier network business by leveraging
its exceptional levels of manufacturing quality and efficiency.

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