NEC, Maestro Wireless join hands to explore M2M business opportuntieis

NEC Corporation has announced a partnership with Maestro Wireless, a Hong Kong-based provider of M2M modules, gateways and solutions, to explore machine-to-machine (M2M) business opportunities across the globe.

The partnership helps mobile network operators and companies promote business efficiency through end-to-end M2M solutions.

CONNEXIVE, the M2M service platform from NEC, enables one-stop provision of M2M solutions to mobile operators and enterprises.

Maestro provides a wide variety of GPS modules, cellular modems, multi-mode gateways and trackers. The integration of Maestro Wireless’s hardware into NEC’s CONNEXIVE platform will enable one-stop provision of M2M solutions to mobile operators and enterprises.

M2M market is growing. Maestro Wireless serves diverse range of customers throughout the world, including industrial machinery manufacturers, logistics companies and car leasing companies, capitalize on M2M technologies to reduce overall TCO.


“These M2M technologies are highly compatible with NEC’s M2M solutions and we look forward to exploring the possibilities and globally expanding our portfolio of products,” said Xavier Dupont, CEO, Maestro Wireless.

“M2M has exceptional potential and is continuing to grow as mobile operators recognize the value of M2M users, who tend to maintain loyalty to services over the long term,” said Yutaka Inoue, department manager, NEC Corporation.

M2M users are not only in need of mobile network connectivity, but also devices, M2M service platforms and vertical applications as well, according to NEC. “This partnership will help mobile network operators to concentrate core-competencies and to capture revenue from the M2M market,” Inoue said.

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