NEC provides zero-percent financing for OpenFlow networking in the U.S.


NEC Financial Services, a firm dedicated to providing
tailored financing and leasing services to customers throughout the United
States, announced the availability of a 36-month zero percent true lease
promotion subject to offer terms and conditions for NEC Express5800 Series
Servers, D-Series and HYDRAstor Storage and ProgrammableFlow network solutions.


The limited-time offer enables qualifying commercial
customers to affordably upgrade their data center infrastructure to a standard
that offers virtualization capability, the ability to accommodate advanced
business applications and scalability for growth.


The lease provides the customer with an option to acquire
the leased technology at the end of the lease term for its then Fair Market


“An Intelligent Enterprise looking to utilize smart
technology requires access to reliable and scalable technologies,” said
Herschel Salan, vice president of NEC Financial Services.


“This lease offer allows customers to plan for
current and future needs while taking advantage of our affordable, fixed
payments for the next 3 years. It gives companies the ability to begin taking
advantage of NEC’s advanced data center systems sooner than budgetary
constraints might otherwise have allowed,” Salan added.  


Qualifying NEC products included in this NEC Financial
Services lease promotion include the following:


NEC’s Express5800 Server Family, powered by Intel Xeon
processors, delivers innovative features that address today’s complex IT
infrastructure computing needs.


NEC’s D-Series SAN Storage arrays provide highly
available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing
performance and flexibility.


By deploying NEC’s HYDRAstor grid storage, customers can
dramatically reduce backup, restore and deduplication times, as well as cut
storage times significantly.


NEC’s ProgrammableFlow networks can significantly
streamline data center automation, especially in virtualized environments, and
are designed to operate in both OpenFlow and traditional networks.


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