NEC SAN storage helps customer improve performance

NEC announced its NEC D-Series SAN Storage
has enabled Storage Guardian to keep up with unparalleled growth of data and
increasing customer demands.

Using NEC’s D-series SAN storage in Storage
Guardian’s online and cloud backup solutions for small and medium-sized
businesses has allowed performance to increase as it scaled to 100 TB from 20
TB in the past year.

“Customers are beginning to take backup
storage more seriously, realizing they need professional services to properly
manage it,” said Omry Farajun, Storage Guardian’s founder and president.

Storage Guardian needed a storage vendor
that could help the company continue to grow by streamlining its processes,
reducing complexity and scaling storage purchases based on demand. Storage
Guardian turned to West Coast Technology, an authorized NEC dealer, to help
keep up with customer demand.

The NEC D-Series SAN Storage (D4) and Linux
64-bit OS solution provides high availability, is scalable and delivers the 100
TB and rising capacity Storage Guardian requires.

“NEC’s proprietary algorithm allows the
solution to perform better as it scales, so the more NEC storage we used, the
faster Storage Guardian became. This has helped us see a return on our
investment in only a short time,” Farajun added.

The solution’s advanced features and
enterprise-class software – including snapshots, replication, performance
management, multi-pathing, failover, energy conservation, and virtual storage
partitioning for Quality of Service – deliver the performance and flexibility
the company needs to grow on-demand.

“One of the many features that attracted
Storage Guardian to NEC was the fact that we allowed them to add capacity as
they grew,” said Mike Mitsch, vice president, IT Platforms for NEC.

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