Nefsis launches cloud-based video conferencing online services

Nefsis announced the expanding role of cloud computing in
the video conferencing industry. Cloud computing is enabling a new generation
of video conferencing online services such as Nefsis to provide HD video
quality with the ease-of-use of browsing the Web.

This new product category – online video conferencing –
fills the void between free consumer-oriented video calling services such as
Skype and its opposite extreme, installed-site telepresence systems costing
hundreds of thousands of dollars per installation. Now, business users can turn
to cloud-based services for more video, collaboration, and secure conference
controls than those of unsecure, simple video calls, but without the heavy
investment telepresence requires.  

“Businesses no longer have to face a choice between
low-quality video calling services and telepresence installations, now they can
get business-grade HD video quality and the anytime, anywhere convenience of
the cloud,” said Tom Toperczer,  vice president of Marketing, Nefsis.

Nefsis officials commented further that the combination of
distributed cloud technology that virtualizes conferences in close proximity to
users, end-to-end parallel processing leveraging all available processor cores,
and the use of off-the-shelf webcams and conference room cameras, provides high-performance
video and lower cost. Not all cloud-based video conferencing solutions offer
these advantages.

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