NetApp and Iron Mountain to offer secure cloud services to healthcare sector

NetApp and Iron Mountain announced their partnership to
provide healthcare organizations with a secure cloud-based solution for medical
data archiving and disaster recovery.

The two companies will integrate NetApp StorageGRID
object storage software with two Iron Mountain medical data archiving solutions
— the Digital Record Center for Medical Images and its vendor neutral archive
offering — to provide healthcare organizations with consolidated archiving and
disaster recovery offerings that help deliver improved medical care to their

Cloud-based archiving and disaster recovery can help
eliminate issues around system interoperability and disaster recovery by moving
data offsite and keeping it independent of existing systems.

The joint NetApp and Iron Mountain solutions bring to
market innovative cloud offerings that enable healthcare organizations to control
storage growth and reduce costs.

Cloud storage offers a secure and accessible
“pay-as-you-go” model, with healthcare organizations using only what
they need and avoiding the large capital expenses required for long-term,
on-premise storage solutions. Storage-related operating costs are typically 3
to 4 times the cost of maintaining the hardware involved; cloud storage
addresses these operating costs with a lower-cost approach.

Moving data offsite into the cloud means faster
recoverability in the event of a disaster while minimizing the cost and risk of
data loss. Also, it allows organizations to meet current HIPAA compliance
standards that require a disaster recovery plan and policies for protecting
that data.

IT departments no longer have to manage multiple storage
systems and the interoperability challenges they present. As a result, medical
data is liberated, making it easier to access and share information across the
entire continuum of care. And, as a managed service, data is automatically and
continuously moved offsite and archived, freeing IT staff and resources from
managing data centers, or back-up and archiving tasks to focus on clinical and
revenue-generating activities.

“The explosion of clinical, patient, and imaging
data and shrinking budgets has boxed many healthcare organizations into a
corner, straining their storage capacity and IT resources to the limit. The
answer is cloud-based storage and archiving,” said Ken Rubin, senior vice
president and general manager for Healthcare, Iron Mountain.

“Empowering our customers to effectively manage
their unstructured data and make it accessible in the care process and across
the continuum of care with cloud services is strategic to NetApp’s go-to-market
healthcare charter,” said Dave Nesviksy, senior director of Healthcare
Sales and Business Development, NetApp.

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