Netcore Solutions unveils 90 ml to reduce mobile spam

Netcore Solutions, a provider of digital marketing
solutions, has launched an enterprise marketing solution called 90 ml.

The solution is primarily an enterprise package that aims
to highlight a new channel of consensual marketing for companies through an
innovative platform.

The mobile based technology by Netcore emphasizes on 90
days mobile linkage between the organization and the consumer and thus named as
90 ml. This offering by Netcore enables the enterprise for a consensual
engagement with the prospects over a period of 90 days and converts them to a
consumer through meaningful multi-flavor communication over mobile and hence
reducing mobile spam.

Companies which have engaged in communication via sms in
the past only had an option for blast-in data base, the accuracy of which could
never be determined and banked upon. However, with Netcore’s 90ml, the
organizations will now have the privilege of communicating to only appropriate
customers who are and will be interested in the products, hence ensuring faster
sales cycle and optimized marketing spend. This offering, hence puts the
marketers, advertising agencies and telecom regulators in the win-win

90ml is a scratch card which can be innovately bundled as
a relationship card, a product replica card, a visiting card and packaged with
any product. 90ml engagement process also includes Multimedia Messages (MMS)
and voice based communication, along with vanilla SMS.

Mobile advertising has emerged as an integral part of a
brand’s marketing campaign today. It has become an important engagement tool
for brands, and aims to fulfill the gap that traditional media has been unable
to bridge. It is the next wave of opportunity for marketers, brands, and
advertising agencies to capture the attention of highly-desirable and affluent
consumers on the go.

This unique concept of – consensual engagement will
benefit the organization and the consumer equally. It will also enable the
organizations to build a relevant database of the customer on the fly who are
interested in their products.

Futile efforts for blast-in methodology will not work
effectively. We being a digital marketing solution company recognized this need
and have closed the gap with 90 ml. 90ml has to potential of changing the way
BTL activities are currently carried out and adding a new digital dimension to
it as well,” said Abhijit Saxena, CEO, Netcore Solutions.

The company is looking forward to provide a platform
enabling the delivery of a mix of these three modes of communication. Its
offerings will continue to be more personal in nature, relevant to the end user
as well as cost effective to both user and the organization. 90ml can not only
help organization fast track their sales cycle but also enable them enhance a
brands spontaneous recall quotient. 90ml not only helps curb mobile spam but is
only tool available for Marketers to have a bidirectional interaction with the

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