NetCracker 10 helps CSPs reduce TCO up to 40%

NetCracker Technology has launched NetCracker 10 which combines capabilities in virtualization, cloud-based delivery of applications, embedded analytics and biometrics onto a single, unified platform.

Company officials said the NetCracker 10 orchestration solution combines deep-rooted networking and IT expertise and supports large-scale, unique system integration capabilities.

NetCracker 10 redefines the economics of network deployment and management, IT operations, customer experience and service creation and delivery.

Communication service providers can migrate seamlessly from existing environments to the next generation of virtualized networks and IT infrastructure.

NetCracker 10 reduces total cost of ownership up to 40 percent, increases infrastructure utilization by 30 percent and also increases net promoter score by 30 percent.

Service providers can address all infrastructure changes and resource allocation requests in a distributed environment consisting of multiple data centers and points of presence. They can deliver personalized services faster and apply an agile DevOps approach to service modeling.

Additionally, NetCracker also reduces unnecessary traffic hops and re-routing and delivers better user experience through proactive network intelligence.

Besides other advantages, NetCracker 10 allows service providers to build a flexible, open ecosystem that can support innovative business models and a variety of partnerships.

NetCracker’s solution leverages unstructured data from social networks as well as various dimensions of biometric data, including facial recognition, fingerprinting, voice measurement and more, to provide the most comprehensive CEM solution in the communications industry.

“As service providers prepare for the inevitable shift from physical to hybrid to virtualized infrastructure and offerings, NetCracker 10 lays the foundation for a risk-free and seamless migration, ushering in the next wave of innovation,” said Sanjay Mewada, vice president of Strategy at NetCracker..

Last month, Plusnet selected NetCracker to transform its rating and billion infrastructures. NetCracker delivered its Revenue Management solution to support Plusnet.