Netcracker helps Swisscom to bring Agile and DevOps processes

Netcracker Technology announced the extension of its partnership with Swisscom to bring Agile and DevOps processes and tools to the operations environment.
Swisscom and 5GSwisscom and Netcracker will collaborate on software development, delivery and deployment of operational software based on Netcracker’s Digital OSS suite, delivering significant time-to-market advantages and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Swisscom will use Netcracker’s distributed Agile and DevOps collaboration capabilities to drive the organization towards a new operational model.

Swisscom will be incorporating continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD) processes and tools in order to improve service upgrades and deliver newer services faster, adapting swiftly to its customers’ demands. Swisscom expects to significantly reduce its TCO by automating development and deployment.

John de Keijzer, head of DevOps Software at Swisscom, said: “Netcracker’s Digital OSS will help us optimize our operations and ensure that our infrastructure can keep pace with new market and customer changes.”