Netgear, Buffalo, QNAP Systems, and Dell top the global NAS appliance market


Telecom Lead Team:
Market research firm Research and Markets
reveals that the global NAS appliance market space is being dominated by key
vendors such as Netgear, Buffalo, QNAP Systems, and Dell.


The global NAS appliance market is forecasted to grow at
a CAGR of 19.3 percent over the Period 2010-2014, as demand for storage
expansion in the organizational networks is increasing.


The Global NAS Appliance market has also been witnessing
inclination towards integrated solutions. However, lack of scalability of the
network attached storage networks could pose a challenge to the growth of this


The report  finds that the market growth will be driven by
the increasing need for better cost saving for storage Solution, as concern
over data loss through the NAS appliances is surging among organizations.


The report also finds that the development of
cross-platform functionalities in NAS appliances has also increased.


A number of NAS appliance vendors are converging
File-level and Block-level functionality in the hybrid SAN-NAS appliances. The
database administrators are adopting the advanced appliances which will address
some of the concerns of the NAS appliances such as database support on the NAS
appliances,” said an analyst from TechNavio’s Data Centers team.


The NAS appliance provides a storage which is an
independent array of storage segments. The NAS appliances have the plug and
play feature which enables easy installation and expansion of the storage
capacity of organizational networks. This enables end-users to scale up storage
capacity of networks and facilitate requirements of the organization and is
hence driving the adoption of NAS networks.

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