NetLogic expands XLP multi-core processor into network storage market


NetLogic Microsystems announced the launch of the XLP316T
multi-core processor, which is optimized to deliver unparalleled performance
and intelligence for the rapidly growing storage-area networking (SAN) and
network-attached storage (NAS) markets in data center, enterprise and
small-to-midsize business (SMB) networks.


The XLP316T processor integrates 16 high-performance
NXCPUs featuring a differentiated quad-issue, quad-threaded, superscalar
out-of-order processor architecture capable of operating at up to 2.0 GHz to
provide the industry’s highest multi-core processing performance.


In addition, the XLP316T processor, manufactured in
TSMC’s 40nm process technology, offers unique features, such as RAID 5 and RAID
6 hardware acceleration, storage de-duplication acceleration, high-speed Serial
ATA (SATA) interfaces and large on-chip L3 cache.


The explosive growth in digital data and media content,
coupled with the data center aggregation of enterprise and consumer digital
storage for ease of accessibility and manageability, are driving the need for
storage in the cloud” services.


Apple’s iCloud and Amazon’s S3 services, as well as
corporate enterprise storage servers, are examples of a growing trend in the
need for new levels of performance for network storage applications.


In addition, the need for storage virtualization
technology is driving the requirements for significantly higher multi-core
processing performance while enhancing the energy efficiency of storage data


We are extremely excited about the strong momentum of
our flagship XLP multi-core processor family into networking, LTE wireless and
security markets, and are pleased to now expand our addressable market into
storage appliances and network storage systems,” said Chris O’Reilly, vice
president of marketing, NetLogic Microsystems.


To complement the 16 NXCPUs, the XLP316T multi-core
processor offers fully-autonomous processing engines that provide independent
and complete offload of certain network and storage functions from the NXCPUs.


The XLP316T multi-core processor features NetLogic
Microsystems’ high-speed, low-latency Enhanced Fast Messaging Network to enable
efficient, high-bandwidth communications among the 16 NXCPUs and to support
billions of in-flight messages and packet descriptors among all the on-chip


The XLP316T processor offers a tri-level cache
architecture with more than 6 Megabytes of fully coherent on-chip cache, which
delivers 40 Terabits per second of extremely high-speed on-chip memory


The XLP316T processor also incorporates two channels of
72-bit DDR3 interconnect that yields over 200 Gigabits per second of off-chip
memory bandwidth.


NetLogic Microsystems’ multi-core processor family is
supported by a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that contains
reference and production-ready software components, which enables customers to
accelerate time-to-market.


The company introduce several innovative multi-core
processors targeting high-growth segments LTE base stations, LTE enhanced
packet core, security appliances, control-plane processing and now network
storage – all in the last nine months.


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