Newfield Wireless to increase operational capacity in key LTE markets around the world

Telecom Lead America: Newfield Wireless, a software
vendor and Radio Frequency (RF) consultancy, provides RF planning and
optimization services with wireless operators across the United States.

Newfield’s consultancy group provides model calibration
services for wireless design to ensure maximum ROI of radio access network
(RAN) resources.

Newfield Wireless delivers network visualization software
and specialized engineering services to wireless operators so they can improve
their subscriber experience.

Marc Bensadoun, CEO of Newfield Wireless talks
about VoLTE market along with investment and expansion plans:

What are the solutions of Newfield Wireless for the
voice-over LTE (VoLTE) segment?

TrueCall for LTE supports VoLTE through an optional
module. This module provides analytics and map views of VoLTE performance for
any market, area or subscriber.

What are the other solutions for the wireless segment?

Besides TrueCall, Newfield Wireless provides model
calibration services -a specialized engineering service offering for wireless

What are the trends in the LTE market, particularly for
voice-over LTE (VoLTE)?

VoLTE is under evaluation with LTE operators around the
world. Voice quality, latency and MOS are all being evaluated to make sure
VoLTE meets the high standards required to replace 3G voice. Applications such
as TrueCall provide insight into VoLTE performance during the design phase. As
VoLTE isdeployed, TrueCall provides a critical view into network performance,
as experienced by the subscriber, to provide ongoing optimisation direction.One
first to market operator, and Newfield Wireless customer, is MetroPCS. This LTE
operator is looking to deploy in the second half of 2012 to support its
unlimited voice customers. The industry is watching these early adopter

What are the challenges and opportunities in the market?

A primary challenge in the market place is the macro-economic
trends that started in Europe and progressed to other regions. In particular,
the impact of the economic downturn and its relation to operators having access
to the capital required to deploy LTE in their markets.

While the business case for LTE is strong, at the end of
the day operators are delivering a product and service offering that can become
discretionary in times of economic uncertainty. Of course, challenges provide
opportunities and for operators needing to understand the best sites to split,
the best areas to migrate to LTE and the impact of their initial sites, a
real-time big data analytics platform that geolocates all data sessions is
extremely valuable.

Furthermore, for operators needing to delay their
migration to LTE, TrueCall enables optimization of their existing 3G network
with real-time visualization of the results.

What is your go-to market strategy?

Newfield Wireless is taking its advanced LTE TrueCall
software application and proprietary model calibration services into international
markets. A self-funded, focused, growth-stage company, Newfield is expanding
into markets deploying LTE and UMTS technologies.

We have a series of local partners around the world,
wherever LTE networks are being built or planned, to help promote our product
and support it in the customer’s primary language.  We are reaching our
target market through trade events, PR and analyst outreach and direct

What are your expansion and investment plans?

The company has recently opened two direct sales offices
supporting EMEA and Latin America and adding further local distributors to grow
our reach. The company has invested heavily in R&D and with a leadership
position for LTE is looking to increase its operational capacity in key LTE
markets around the world.


Danish Khan
[email protected]