NextiraOne and NICE manage payment card data security rules for contact centres


NextiraOne, a provider of communications services,
announced that it has put in place the skills required to help customers tackle
their payment card data security compliancy issues when operating a contact


Working in collaboration with NICE Systems,
NextiraOne has integrated NICE’s real-time PCI solution into its customer
offering for new contact centres and is also offering upgrades to existing
contact centre customers to bring them up to the new data security standards.


The solution from NICE leverages its real-time desktop analytics for
automatically pausing and resuming audio and screen recordings containing
sensitive information. The result is a recorded interaction that doesn’t
contain the sensitive information as defined by the PCI DSS, such as the 3 or
4-digit card verification number.


The solution enables the multiple stored recordings to be
played back seamlessly and in accordance with the original call flow. It is
available off-the-shelf with out-of-the-box capabilities that require no customization
efforts, ensuring reliable and seamless compliance with complex regulatory
requirements. NextiraOne is now
fully trained to implement this for new and existing contact centres.


The PCI Security Standards Council is the body that creates standards for
payment card data security. Central to this is the PCI Data Security Standard
(DSS) which applies to all organisations that hold, process, or exchange credit
and debit cardholder information.


Non-compliant companies risk losing their ability to
process credit card payments and being audited and/or fined. The updated
requirement bans the audio recording and storage of sensitive card information
such as validation codes and encourages contact centres to implement
solutions-that prevent the storage of this data.


We work very closely with our customers to implement solutions that answer all
their contact centre needs. Our experts understand the business and regulatory
environment in which our customers operate and we make it our business to
ensure that our solutions cover new conditions as they are introduced,” said
Guillaume Baraton, European Business Development director for Contact Centre.


As a Platinum Partner across Europe, we work extremely
closely with NICE to create powerful solutions for our customers as new
requirements emerge, including the new compliance solution which we are able to
deliver across all 16 countries in Europe where NextiraOne is present,” Baraton


We are pleased to expand the offering we provide our European customers
together with NextiraOne, to include real-time solutions for complying with PCI
standards. This is another step in the evolution of our long-term partnership
with NextiraOne and we look forward to continuing working together to address
the strategic needs of our joint customers,” said Ad Ketalaars, president, NICE


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