NI releases telecom trends to watch in 2016

NI trends
NI has released telecom trends to watch in 2016.

5G will evolve wireless networks to heights never before imagined, but its pursuit doesn’t come without challenges.
With the proliferation of sensing and networking technologies, it’s never been easier or more cost effective to add measurements to systems.

Network technologies must evolve to satisfy the requirements of next-generation industrial systems and radically advance the way we operate machines, electrical grids and transportation systems.

Instead of designing a unique test system for each device-under-test, test leaders must design smart test systems that can adapt to and test all smart devices.

In a marketplace that’s rapidly demanding convergence, and the best of all possible worlds, it’s up to software vendors to answer the call.

Eric Starkloff, NI executive vice president of global sales and marketing, said: “We strive to help our customers stay ahead of the deluge of analog data by investigating the trends that will help them handle the increasingly complex amount of information they’re acquiring to make the right decisions at the right time.”

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