Nilesat selects Cisco to strengthen contribution network

Telecom Lead Middle East: Networking major Cisco announced
that Nilesat, a satellite operator in the MENA region, has installed Cisco digital
media network solutions for its contribution network.

Leveraging Cisco’s media, satellite, and broadcast video solution,
Nilesat will extend content to any business unit, partner, or customer device,
anywhere in the world. Nilesat will reduce costs by consolidating and
virtualizing media applications and infrastructures. Moreover, the delivery of
new content will also be accelerated.

According to Nilesat, the number of advanced applications
continues to expand in the Nilesat network and managing and monitoring the
network and its performance increases in importance. Cisco ROSA Video Service
Management system will reduce complexity, increase uptime and also help to
decrease operating expenses.

“The Cisco solution will enable us to do this
cost-effectively whilst also delivering the highest possible quality service,”
said Salah Hamza, chief technology officer and acting chairman, Nilesat.
Cisco claims that the solution provides all the important features Nilesat will
need in the digital headend, including acquisition; video encoders &
transcoders; video processors; encryption and management.

“Following this successful deployment, Cisco is now working
very closely with Nilesat to introduce other new technologies that will help
enhance their customer offering in the Middle East region and even further,”
said Olaf Krahmer, president and general manager, Cisco, Egypt.

Cisco media production solutions will enable Nilesat to
adopt the concept of the medianet: an intelligent network of networks that is
optimized end-to-end for dynamic media experiences. A Medianet will transform
the customer experience by delivering more content, mobility, personalization,
and control.

Cisco media contribution solutions will provide editing and
modifying content for regions and sponsors, add special graphic treatments and
transport content, error-free, to dispersed facilities
In a sporting event, for example, video feeds may originate from a stadium and
be edited and enhanced at an onsite editing facility.

Cisco’s Media distribution solutions will allow Nilesat to serve hundreds of
operator head-ends and affiliate locations thereby meeting requirements for
diverse video formats, quality levels, and compression standards. Also, with
media distribution solutions Nilesat can deliver finished content and
advertising to consumers in new ways.

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