Nimbuzz India registers 6% growth in registration during BlackBerry outage

During the recent BlackBerry outage for more
than 48-hours, Nimbuzz India saw up to 6 percent increase in registrations.
This is a significant jump for the company. Nimbuzz India also experienced a
significant increase during and after the TRAI regulations on the 100 SMS
limit. Jamshed V Rajan, country manager, Nimbuzz India, talks about the
company’s growth plans.

IM applications have been growing for a while
now. How do you foresee its adoption in growing markets?

We see the trends reflecting in our numbers
as well. Nimbuzz is popular in all the metros and has also started gaining
handsomely in the tier-1 & tier-2 cities as well. The fact that Nimbuzz is
not just a communication tool but a lot more than that is fueling this growth.

How are you planning to cash in 4G LTE? What
are the areas of scope for you in 4G?

4G LTE is a boon for both our users and us.
We have high expectations from our top features such as video calling, voice
calling and social games. We also see great potential in 4G LTE with respect to
Nimbuzz pre-installs in Data dongles, where Nimbuzz will help operators and
OEMs provide their users with a world class communication tool.


What are the new
products in the pipeline?

We have recently updated our list of the
clients with Android, Java, iOS, Symbian as well as Desktop and Mac. With the
iOS and the Desktop client we have introduced multi platform video calling and
video chatting and we plan to bring the same in other platforms as well soon.

What are your significant innovations in the

One can’t become a world class product with
60 million users globally without embracing the spirit of innovation. At
Nimbuzz, our latest innovation is Nimbuzz Ping, which ensures that even feature
phone users enjoy push notifications, smartphone functionality.

The security has become a matter of concern.
How is Nimbuzz handling security issues. Who are your preferred security

When one has 60 million users globally,
security is definitely a buzzword within the organization. We are very keen to
protect our user’s data and it reflects in every decision we take within the

What are your investments plans to boost
awareness of IM chat applications? What is the current status?

When it comes to boosting awareness of our
product, we have been lucky. Our users have been our biggest ambassadors and
promoters. This is the result of four years of undying commitment to quality.


What are your marketing strategies in India?

We help handset manufacturers create stories
around their handsets by getting our Nimbuzz client pre-installed in
them. In our various tie-ups with operators, the operators ensure that
Nimbuzz usage increases on their network resulting in higher data revenues for

By Rashi Varshney
[email protected]