Nitero demonstrates multi-gigabit 60 GHz WI-Fi solution

Telecom Lead America: Nitero, a fabless semiconductor
company, is demonstrating its multi-gigabit, ultra-low power 60 GHz WI-Fi
solutions for mobile devices to select industry partners.

Additionally, the company added Trailblazer Capital as an
investment partner in its latest round of funding. The latest round of funding
has also been joined by founding investors, Southern Cross Venture Partners and
Austin Ventures.

The funding round is important, as it will provide
capital for further development of Nitero’s solution.

Speaking on the fresh round of funding, George Barber,
Venture Partner at Trailblazer Capital said that serving as a Board member for
Nitero has provided excellent insight into the capabilities of the company and
the market viability of their 60GHz platform.

He added that the team has executed upon demanding
development plans in a timely and capital efficient manner.

The 60GHz-enabled devices will eradicate the need for
physical connectors, increasing ease-of-use.

The company said users will enjoy the same capabilities
and flexibility of high-end notebook computers in the convenience of a handheld
device just by connecting their tablets and mobile phones directly to docking
stations, peripherals and displays.

Speaking on the demonstration, Clark Jernigan, Venture
Partner at Austin Ventures said that Nitero has set a new benchmark for capital
efficiency in the fabless semiconductor category, through entrepreneurial
creativity and leverage from key partnerships.

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