Nixon Hire selects Webalo for enterprise mobility

Telecom Lead Team:

Nixon Hire is using Webalo to reduce the heavy lifting and give employees
direct mobile access to enterprise data and functionality.

U.K.-based company rents everything from air hammers and backhoes to lighting
equipment and temporary offices, serving customers throughout the U.K. and the
Middle East.

employees constantly in the field, both delivering and retrieving equipment,
it’s vital to keep them connected to the inventory, scheduling, routing, and
billing information in their enterprise applications. To address these issues,
Nixon Hire selected Webalo to make its enterprise data and applications
available on employees’ smartphones.

customers’ needs are constantly changing, so we need to be flexible, and
flexibility was one of the advantages we saw in Webalo. We’re able to select
the exact data and functionality that each mobile employee needs and give them
mobile access in a remarkably short time for an insignificant cost,” said
David Balmer, Group IT Manager at Nixon Hire.

replaces the purchase and installation of development software, expensive
programmers and consulting services, and the ongoing maintenance and upgrading
of custom-built mobile applications, with a step-by-step configuration process
that easily connects existing enterprise applications and data to smartphones
and tablets.

ability to provide direct access to the specific data and functions that
individual users need streamlines interactions with the enterprise and enhances

provides many benefits for our customers like Nixon Hire. It provides
enterprise mobility in minutes and is infinitely customizable, plus it’s one
hundred times faster than traditional mobile application development and a
fraction of the cost,” said Peter Price, Webalo’s CEO.

“IT benefits
because it can avoid both the complexity of traditional approaches and the
creation of a new layer of mobile applications that then need to be maintained
and updated. With Webalo, they simply connect directly to the enterprise
applications and data they already have without duplicating capabilities,”
Price added.

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