Nokia Lumia smartphone selected by Miele for employees

Telecom Lead Europe: German domestic appliances firm Miele has selected Nokia Lumia smartphone for its global employees.

Miele already piloted Nokia Lumia over several months with more than 100 of its people.

Since Nokia Lumia exceeded its expectations, Miele will continue to rollout during the second half of 2013, with over 1,000 more devices for employees in Germany.

In Germany, Miele is deploying Nokia Lumia on the Deutsche Telekom network.

Benefits of Nokia Lumia to Miele

Miele will benefit from Nokia Lumia’ free navigation called HERE. It helps Miele’s service team to plan routes to customers. In addition, the company uses Nokia Lumia’s cameras to document service cases immediately on site to save time and money.

Nokia Lumia is built on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. Miele’s workforce is utilizing business applications such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

The new smartphone also ensures secure access without additional cost to Microsoft Office documents, information and contacts. Also available on Nokia Lumia are free navigation apps, including HERE Maps and HERE Drive, which allow maps to be downloaded via wireless LAN, reducing data traffic and network charges.

To increase the efficiency of its users and infrastructure, Miele has already equipped all its work stations with Microsoft products.

“The seamless connection to our existing Microsoft infrastructure as well as the great navigation and camera technology make Lumia an excellent addition to our existing IT systems,” said Egbert Fichtler, head of IT Infrastructure, Miele.

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