Nokia Siemens GSM-R infrastructure selected by Indian Railways for Kolkata metro

Telecom Lead India: Indian Railways has selected Nokia
Siemens Networks for deploying Global System for Mobile Communications
Railway (GSM-R) infrastructure at the Kolkata metro line.

This deployment will improve the safety of the Kolkata metro
line while lowering operational costs for Indian Railways.

Nokia Siemens already supports Indian Railways’ rail network
spanning 3,500 km across four zones.

Nokia Siemens claims #1 position in global GSM-R market with 60% share

As a result of this expansive GSM-R deployment, Nokia
Siemens has become India’s top GSM”‘R solutions provider.

Nokia Siemens is providing its energy-efficient Flexi Base
Stations and Flexi Base Station Controllers that offer vastly improved
capacity. The company is supplying all operational components including
switching centers, Intelligent Network (IN) platforms, service and management
platforms, controller data transmission elements and mobile handsets for

Nokia Siemens Networks is also providing its In-Building
Solution to enhance indoor coverage for the Kolkata metro project. The
scope covers care services that include spare part management, software
maintenance, third-party software support and training.

Reliable railway communications is vital to address the
increasing traffic density while ensuring better passenger services and safer
operations. Nokia Siemens Networks’ GSM-R solution will help Indian Railways
provide a better, safer service at reasonable operational costs,” said Sandeep
Girotra, head of India Region at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nokia Siemens said GSM-R ensures a reliable network that allows seamless
communications on board trains running at high speeds and in diverse terrains.
Nokia Siemens’ GSM-R core network components such as Railway@vantage
core mobility servers are designed to address railways’ demanding reliability
and growing capacity requirements.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ GSM-R solution significantly
enhances communication with trains passing through tunnels, providing security in case of emergencies. Its total interoperability and compatibility vastly improves the safety and speed of all railway operational

Nokia Siemens selected by Turkish railway to provide mobile network

Recently, the Turkish railway administration, TCDD, selected
Nokia Siemens Networks to build a new communications network for the rail line
between Inonu and Kosekoy.

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