Nokia Siemens picks Ruckus to integrate Wi-Fi networks to offer mobile broadband

Telecom Lead America: Nokia Siemens has signed an
agreement with Ruckus Wireless to assist mobile operators to integrate Wi-Fi
networks to offer mobile broadband services.


The global reseller contract will
enable Nokia Siemens to offer easily deployable and manageable Wi-Fi
coverage as part of its small cells portfolio.


Nokia Siemens will offer operators Ruckus
carrier-class Smart Wi-Fi systems, including indoor and outdoor access points
and controllers. It will deliver Ruckus SmartCell Gateway 200, a new category
of wireless service gateways that allows operators to accommodate mobile
subscriber devices using Wi-Fi access without client software.


By integrating Wi-Fi with mobile broadband networks,
Nokia Siemens’ Smart WLAN Connectivity solution enables subscribers to use
both types of access for a superior mobile broadband experience.


With the explosion of mobile data, operators need more
economical and practical ways to handle huge volumes of traffic while
maintaining a high quality customer experience,” said Hossein Moiin, chief
technology and strategy officer at Nokia Siemens Networks.


As a result, operators are looking to new solutions that
combine carrier-class Wi-Fi with small cell technology that complement their
macro environments and can be seamlessly integrated within their existing and
future core infrastructures. By working with Nokia Siemens, we can
help operators relieve these pressures while scaling to support future mobile
broadband services,” said Selina Lo, president and chief executive officer of
Ruckus Wireless.


Nokia Siemens’ strategy is to support through the
development of heterogeneous networks (HetNets) in which multiple radio access
technologies and Wi-Fi will all co-exist, and macro cells will be complemented
by a multitude of smaller cells, such as micro, pico and femto cells.


Nokia Siemens Networks will also embrace Wi-Fi in
additional ways, such as integrating Wi-Fi from several partners through its
Smart WLAN Connectivity solution, and providing small cell concepts, including
its Flexi Zone solution, with built in Wi-Fi access.

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