Nokia Siemens to outsource part of mobile network management system R&D to Tieto

Telecom Lead Europe: Nokia Siemens Networks will
outsource part of maintenance, technical support and R&D of its mobile
network Operations Support System (OSS) and Subscriber Data Management (SDM)
activities in Finland to Tieto, an IT service company in Northern Europe
providing IT and product engineering services.


Around 240 employees who are working primarily in R&D
in Tampere and Espoo will transfer to Tieto as existing employees. The planned
transaction will strengthen Tieto’s position as an outsourcing provider of both
R&D and IT services.


Nokia Siemens Networks and Tieto have been partners for a
long time. This outsourcing is in line with its global strategy announced in
November of focusing on the core areas of business and increasing efficiency.


Nokia Siemens is looking at enhancing the flexibility and
efficiency of operations and further deepen cooperation with Tieto on network
management systems.


This cooperation will also present the employees
transferring to Tieto with new career opportunities as part of a leading IT
service company,” said Pekka Soini, Finland Country Director at Nokia Siemens


The Nokia Siemens Networks employees that are
transferring to Tieto are experts whose experience in a distributed and agile
R&D, software architecture and project management strengthens our R&D
competence even further,” said Ari Vanhanen, executive vice president, Product
Engineering Solutions.


Nokia Siemens sells WiMax wireless business to NewNet


Recently, Nokia Siemens decided to sell its WiMax
wireless business to NewNet Communication Technologies. The companies didn’t
disclose the terms of the sale.


The company is divesting the WiMax division to cut
expenses. This will also assist Nokia Siemens to reduce its total employees by
17,000 in two years in a bid to save EUR 1 billion.


NewNet Communication Technologies, a company owned by
Skyview Capital, will buy the business and will absorb about 300 employees in
the deal.


Nokia Siemens aims to eliminate 17,000 jobs by the end of
2013, sell real estate, cut businesses and consolidate jobs and suppliers to
reduce annual expenses by 1 billion euros in the next two years.


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