Nokia Siemens will continue to employ about 2,000 people in Munich

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Nokia Siemens Networks said it will continue to employ about 2,000 people in


A significant majority of employees affected by the
company’s restructuring plan has agreed to join an interim employment company.
The acceptance of a major proportion of affected employees was a pre-requisite
for the company to stay in Munich.


This enables the company to reach its restructuring
objectives ahead of schedule in Munich, providing greater planning certainty.
It provides a good and socially acceptable solution for employees affected by
the restructuring, and means that those employees staying with the company will
not need to relocate from Munich,” said Herbert Merz, chairman of the Supervisory
Board of Nokia Siemens Networks


Those employees who do not accept the offer to join the
interim employment company will be given notice, as agreed with the employee


As a result of these developments, about 2,000 people
will become part of newly founded Nokia Siemens Networks companies in Munich.


On March 23, Nokia Siemens Networks announced that IG
Metall and the company’s management had agreed on a potential course of action
which would enable Nokia Siemens Networks to remain an employer in Munich.


The initiative proposed by IG Metall called for around
2,000 jobs to remain in Munich. The prerequisite was that a significant
majority of the affected employees would join a transfer company.


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