Nominum announces N2 Platform to make application development faster

Telecom Lead America: Nominum, a provider of subscriber, network and security solutions for network operators, has launched the Nominum N2 Platform and the Nominum IDEAL ecosystem.

Nominum claims that its software processes over one trillion queries per day at over 140 network operators worldwide.

Leveraging Nominum’s N2 platform that gathers and anonymizes this data, application providers will have seamless access to it. Moreover, Nominum’s N2 Platform makes application development faster, feature-rich, and easier than building applications from scratch, and offers a lower total cost of ownership.

Nominum claims that the N2 platform simplifies the integration of applications with existing network operator systems and coordinates policies between network elements for shorter delivery time to market.

The Nominum IDEAL ecosystem of application providers enables the development and integration of software applications that run on top of the N2 Platform. Network operators can leverage their DNS infrastructure to deploy more highly functional apps more quickly and cost effectively to differentiate their services.

“Traditionally, it’s been hard to take advantage of DNS data to gauge network health and activity or improve the subscriber experience. The tools for collecting, synthesizing, anonymizing, and analyzing it weren’t adequate,” said Nominum’s Chairman Paul Mockapetris.

“Network operators are facing rising network costs, the erosion of traditional revenues and increasing pressure from OTT players on both their access business and value added services,” said Eden Zoller, principal analyst with Ovum.

Recent additions to the list of application vendors participating in the IDEAL ecosystem include Guavus, Nixu and DomiNIC. These and others have unleashed waves of innovative applications in areas including subscriber experience, security and data visualization that run seamlessly on top of the N2 platform.

“While our customers around the world are excited about being able to build and deploy more feature rich applications, what’s really driving them to adopt the N2 platform and the IDEAL ecosystem is their ability to better leverage the joint efforts of their internal business and technical teams,” said Gary Messiana, CEO of Nominum.

Cablevision Argentina used insights from Nominum’s N2 Platform and its IDEAL ecosystem to optimize the efficiency of their Content Delivery Networks resulting in an over 50 percent improvement in savings from the services, while at the same time improving response times for users.

“Nominum showed us how to improve the subscriber experience while simultaneously growing our revenue with the N2 Platform, and we eliminated the high cost of long-term ownership,” said Marcelo Baletti, head of digital services at Cablevision Argentina.

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