NorthWest Direct Marketing uses contact center platform from Siemens Enterprise Communications

Telecom Lead Europe: Siemens Enterprise Communications
has provided NorthWest Direct Marketing with its OpenScape Contact Center
Campaign Director, a contact center platform.


NorthWest Direct Marketing has selected the OpenScape
Contact Center Campaign Director for its direct marketing group.


After six months of evaluating, the company has chosen
this new platform for its superior outbound predictive dialing, algorithms and


“OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director has long
been the benchmark product for outbound predictive dialing. Not only is its
algorithm superior to its competitors’, but its robust inbound platform and IVR
functionality also meets all of our contact center needs,” said Timothy Rote,
President, NorthWest Direct Marketing.


The platform is designed to improve campaign performance
of NorthWest Direct Marketing. Additionally, it will grow as the NorthWest
Direct Marketing operations expand, claimed Siemens Enterprise


“With the requirement to lower operational costs
without sacrificing performance, contact centers like those at NorthWest Direct
Marketing are implementing OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director to
spearhead agent-assisted and agentless proactive campaigns, designed to get
results while keeping costs in check,” said Chris Hummel, CMO and
President, North America, Siemens Enterprise Communications.


Siemens Enterprise Communications has claimed that its
OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director allows customers to save money while
enjoying a scalable, reliable contact center platform that improves agent
utilization and increases business flexibility.


The solution is built to be used in all industries,
including banking, insurance, government, telecommunications, retail,
healthcare and outsourcing for collections, marketing, notifications, sales and


Siemens Enterprise Communications leverages Fortinet for Cloud


In January, Fortinet, a network security provider
announced that Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider of end-to-end
enterprise communications, deployed multiple FortiGate-1240B network security
appliances to help secure its OpenScape Cloud Services.


Fortinet’s devices are meeting the provider’s stringent
requirements in terms of performance, functionality and reliability.


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