NSN supplies LTE equipment to Tele2 Russia

By Telecom
Lead Team
: Mobile operator Tele2 Russia has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to
supply equipment to test its LTE network.


The carrier
has set aside a 5MHz block of spectrum in the 1800MHz band for the tests, which
will also feature modems from ZTE and Huawei.


Support for
the various technologies implemented in NSN platform will enable Tele2 to use
existing resources in the 1800MHz frequency range, which is currently used to
provide services to GSM. This will allow Tele2 to increase network
capacity and meet demand for more high speed data services.


This Flexi
Multi radio base station supports a high capacity mobile broadband network and
provides a smooth transition from GSM to LTE,” said Christine
Tikhonov, CEO of NSN’s Russian operations.


In October
2011, Tele2 Russia announced its plans to conduct an independent trial
of LTE technology in the 1800MHz band, and applied to the State Radio
Frequency Commission (SRFC) for permission to run tests in Pskov and Omsk.


The carrier
declared interest in rolling out a 4G network in Russia in November 2010. In
August 2011, Tele2 conducted an independent study into the dual use of wireless
frequencies in the 1800MHz band for
both GSM and LTE services.


vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks
(NSN) conducted an extensive research and established that fourth generation
services could theoretically be operated in the 1800MHz band without any
discernible detriment to the quality of Tele2’s
existing GSM operations.


Recently, Ceragon Networks received orders for additional microwave systems and services
from Tele2 Russia, a telecommunications company in Europe. 


Ceragon is
providing high-capacity wireless backhaul to Tele2 in 15 of the 37 regions
in Russia covered by the operator. Ceragon’s wireless backhaul
solutions are currently being deployed in Tele2 Russia’s regional


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