Nuance Expands Self-Service Mobile Developer Program to China

Nuance Communications is expanding its Nuance Mobile Developer Program to China, expanding the language support of the Dragon Mobile SDK to Mandarin Chinese.



The Nuance Mobile Developer Program gives mobile developers the power to voice enable virtually any application for iOS and Android via the self-service website – allowing them to quickly and easily leverage the powerful dictation and voice search capabilities at the core of the successful Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps, and Nuance’s trusted Vocalizer text-to-speech (TTS).



Since its initial launch in January in the US and Europe, the Nuance Mobile Developer Program signed more than 2500 developers in its first 90 days. The program has successfully launched dozens of voice-enabled apps globally for iOS and Android – some in 30 days or less – including Siri, Price Check by Amazon, Ask for iPhone, Merriam-Webster,, SpeechTrans, AirYell from Avantar, iTranslate from Sonico, Taskmind from Catalyst, and many others.



The Dragon Mobile SDK is available through the Nuance Mobile Developer Program for Apple iOS 4.0 (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and for many devices running Android 2.1 and higher. The SDK currently supports Mandarin Chinese, US and UK English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian and Japanese for dictation and search, with additional languages to be added through the end of the year. TTS capabilities exist for more than 35 languages.



The Nuance Mobile Developer Program gives developers instant access to easy-to-integrate prepackaged wrappers and widgets for rapid inclusion of voice recognition into their applications, all through a self-service website. Developers also have access to an on-line forum, in English for additional support, a variety of code samples and full documentation.



The success of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program in just its first 90 days has proven that developers and their consumers love the ability to quickly and easily interface with application via voice,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. This latest expansion into China is very exciting and is just the beginning of what we anticipate to be a globally thriving developer and mobile app ecosystem powered by Dragon.”



Developers can download the Dragon Mobile SDK and have access to the cloud-based speech services for 90 days absolutely free. And once ready for market distribution, developers have tiered pricing options to accommodate their unique needs and those of their applications. Nuance also offers a range of developer customization programs including specialized language models and application optimization.



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