Nuance unveils new version of Best-in-KLAS eScription platform for healthcare sector

Nuance Communications announced that it launched the
latest version of its Best-in-KLAS eScription platform.

Through the delivery of medical speech solutions and
Nuance Transcription Services, Nuance is
assisting to make physicians more productive as part of the clinical
documentation process, resulting in better quality notes, improved use of the
EHR, and efficiency gains that drive cost savings for the healthcare

Nuance offers both front-end and backend voice
recognition technology to support our workflow. Physicians can use Dragon
Medical to create transcribed reports in minutes. Or, they can dictate like
they always have, with Nuance’s eScription speech engine working behind the
scenes to create text files for editing. Either way, we can create and share
patient information faster than ever,” said Mary Brandt, vice president, health
information, Scott & White Healthcare.  

The latest version of the eScription platform offers a
variety of new features all driven from clinician, HIM and medical
transcription feedback.

New administration tools and capabilities enable the
Health Information Management (HIM) department to easily prioritize, assign and
when necessary, adjust the clinical document queue. Medical transcriptionists
can now easily interact with each other, with administrators and with
designated quality assurance individuals to ensure all edited documents are
comprehensive, accurate and clinically aligned.

eScription platform allows for quality assurance staff to
review medical transcriptionists’ edited documents and provide ongoing and
specific feedback on performance.

By improving communication across the HIM department,
healthcare organizations can expect quality improvements to the clinical
information that is ultimately returned and used as part of the clinical
workflow. For many organizations, the new quality assurances tools will
eliminate the need for third-party quality assurance systems or teams.

As we broaden and deepen our healthcare partnerships
with leading provider organizations and HIT innovators, our focus will remain
steadfast on supporting the capture of high-quality clinical information that
in turn can be leveraged to drive better operational and clinical decisions as
well as better patient care,” said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and
general manager, Nuance Healthcare.  

Recently, Nuance Communications developed
a technology called CLU (Clinical Language Understanding).

CLU is a healthcare-specific natural language processing technology that can
identify and relate medical facts, as well as understand” what caregivers are
saying, converting it into data that can be accessed later.

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